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Behind the scenes of Startland News’ Kansas City Startups to Watch in 2023 video shoot: Dr. Brandy Archie, AskSAMIE, and Nikki Overfelt Chifalu, Startland News reporter; photo courtesy of Social Apex Media

It isn’t often in journalism that the public tells you the work you do matters. But at Startland News, we hear it often — if not daily.

The stories told by our team are resonating with people. They’re revealing hard-fought wins (and, yes, sometimes losses) that make Kansas City unique — and shining a light on your friends and neighbors who are putting in the work to make our communities better.

The City of Fountains is overflowing with progress. And from near-billion dollar startup exits to camel dairies and the revitalization of its historic east side … we want everyone to know what’s in the water.

As a nonprofit news organization, we’re committed to telling the stories of your Kansas City experience in the way you deserve — free of spin and bias — and easily accessible. We believe news should be raw and unfiltered. Every story we share with you should feed your curiosities and inform you in a way that isn’t over your head, filled with jargon, or based on the rumblings of unidentified sources.

Doing so, however, comes at a cost. And today, we’re asking you to consider funding our newsroom in 2024 and guaranteeing this kind of reporting continues.

We aren’t taking up a seed round or asking you to sacrifice your daily coffee (we know how important that fuel can be). Instead, we’re asking you to donate the worth of the most recent story you read or a favorite article that sparked your interest, made you smile or inspired you.

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