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Startland News has partnered with three local designers — Kearra Johnson, Kevin Garrison and Whitney Manney — to celebrate the entrepreneurial, creative and innovative spirit of Kansas City in a wearable way. Donate $35 to Startland News and you’ll receive your choice of T-shirt (locally printed at Kansas City’s own Oddities Prints) — and a portion of the proceeds will be returned to the designer or a local charity or nonprofit organization of their choosing.

Shop below and support Startland News and the local creatives working to make the city as vibrant as it is innovative. 

Just select “Buy Now” to be redirected to our giving page, then choose the $35 option (or higher). Once your donation is processed, we’ll ask for more details on your shirt size and design of choice.

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Start, Grow, Flourish

Designer: Kearra Johnson, Studio LO

Concept: Designed to embody the entire Kansas City entrepreneurial ecosystem, the tee reflects the sentiment that every idea — no matter its industry or stage (from a high-tech startup to a Main Street maker) — starts somewhere and can grow into something beautiful.

Note: Start, Grow, Flourish design features the Startland News logo on the sleeve.






Click here to learn more about graphic designer Kearra Johnson and her work to launch the Revolution Card Deck.

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Do Work That Matters

Designer: Kevin Garrison, Risotopia

Concept: Creators, tech workers and all of Kansas City have the power to do work that is meaningful to themselves, their community, their city, and even the planet. This tee is a call to engage in work that changes something: from Kansas City to the world (or even just yourself).

Note: Do Work That Matters design features the Startland News logo on the back, shoulders.




Click here to learn more about print studio guru Kevin Garrison and his passion for vintage-inspired design. 


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Worlds of Creation

Designer: Whitney Manney, WHITNEYMANNEY

Concept: Kansas City embodies a world of creativity that spans the landscape of colorful makers and artists to visionary innovators and startup builders. Capturing this explosion of talent and expression through the lens of one of the nation’s leading fashion designers, the tee embodies Manney’s mantra: “Get in where you fit in and everywhere in between.”

Note: Worlds of Creation design features the Startland News icon on the front left breast.




Click here to learn more about designer Whitney Manney and ways she’s reshaping the fabric of Kansas City’s fashion scene. 


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